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Estádio de São Miguel has specific seats for wheelchair users. As per the ticket office regulation, a wheelchair user has the right of an escort ticket without charge. This iniciative values the experience of the supporter, making it easier for him to access the stands and the stadium.


  •  Açores Stand has a total of 8 restricted seats for wheelchair users. 4 seats on sector 13 + 4 seats on sector 15


  • Main Stand has a total of  8 restricted seats for wheelchair users. 4 seats on sector 3 + 4 seats on sector 5

Supporters with visual impairment can choose any seat during ticket sales without any charges.

The access of guide dogs is allowed, with its entry having to be notified to the club beforehand, creating conditions of comfort and easy acessibilities for the dog and its respective owner.

At the Main and Açores stands, there are restrooms avaliable  to supporters with reduced mobility, easily identifiable.

Estádio de São Miguel is located near Estrada Regional da Ribeira Grande and it is ten minutes away (by car) from Ponta Delgada city centre. There’s also avaliable a network of bus rides from 6:45 to 19:00 in weekdays and, during the weekend, from 6:45 to 18:00.

By Estádio de São Miguel there’s a parking lot free to every supporter that are going to each game.


Supporters with cars properly signaled for someone with impairments should inform the club in the week prior to the game so that they can be authorized to park inside the stadium.


*Santa Clara Açores – Futebol, SAD and Governo Regional dos Açores do not hold any responsability about possible damage to the vehicles parked in the lot.

Supporters with reduced mobility have the right to an escort ticket, without charge. Prices applied are presented in the club’s website and social media with the possibilities of being suject to change at anytime without previous notice. During the act of buying the ticket, in an official club stand (official store and stadium ticket offices), a document in which it comproves the incapacity of the supporter must be shown. A legal guardian at the age of over 18 could be nominated for future ticket purchases.


Adeptos com mobilidade reduzida têm direito a um bilhete de acompanhante gratuito, na compra do seu ingresso. Os preços aplicados são apresentados nos diferentes meios de comunicação do clube, podendo sofrer alterações a qualquer momento. Na aquisição dos bilhetes, deverá ser apresentado, nos postos de venda oficiais do clube (Loja Oficial e Bilheteiras do Estádio de São Miguel), um documento que comprove a incapacidade do utente. Na entrega do documento, o portador de mobilidade reduzida poderá nomear um responsável, com mais de 18 anos de idade, para aquisição dos seus bilhetes em casos futuros.