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Ticket Office

Preço especial para Sócios do CD Santa Clara.

Escolhe o lugar para qualquer sector do Estádio.

Regulariza as tuas quotas sem sair de casa.


Always follow the rules of those responsible at the Stadium:


  • Use only and exclusively the place that is intended for you, regardless of the weather situation;
  • Respect respiratory etiquette;
  • Ensure correct hand hygiene;
  • Always follow and respect the routes marked in the Stadium, through the respective signs;
  • Respect at all times the indications of the Security and Game Organization Authorities;
  • Pay attention to the Speaker’s instructions and always respect them;
  • Avoid taking objects that can be used as a throwing weapon into the sports venue.

The member is a natural or legal person with updated quotas, whose behavior is in accordance with the statutes of CD Santa Clara, enjoying discounts and special conditions when purchasing tickets.

For captive members, the annual ticket card serves as a ticket.

According to article 12 of the Santa Clara CD Statutes, the member can assume one of the following categories:

  • Effective partner (+16 years)
  • Child/assistant partner (3-16 years old)
  • Corresponding partner (+ 16 years old, residing outside São Miguel Island)
  • Company partner

Santa Clara Açores, Futebol S.A.D, in exceptional cases and whenever justified, reserves the right to sell tickets exclusively to its members.

Children (3-16 years old) benefit from a special price when purchasing tickets, and must be accompanied by an adult at sports shows.


According to Artigo 3º Decreto Lei Nº396/82 de 21 de Setembro, children under 3 years of age cannot attend any shows or public entertainment characterized by the legislation in force.


The pricing policy to be adopted during the season may change, depending on the nature of the sporting event taking place.



Any changes to ticket prices will be previously announced on the club’s official media (website, facebook, instagram, twitter).

Check the Terms and Conditions for the 2022/2023 Annual Seats.